CSE News

  • Progressive WebApps: A Successful Progressive Web Work by IV CSE
    60 Projects Listed in GITHUB
    60 HTML5 Certifications from UDEMY. 
    Great Job by IV CSE
  • A Seminar on Training & Placements
    For the IV, III Year Students the Placement is crucial and they need to know the importance of Placements and how to achieve it.
  • APSSDC Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) from 22.06.2018 to 24.06.2018
    APSSDC Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) from 22.06.2018 to 24.06.2018
  • IEEE Seminar on 19.06.2018
    An IEEE Seminar on " A Smart Factory Reference Architecture " by Sri GopiKumar Bulusu, CEO of Sankhya Technologies at 2pm on 19.06.2018 at Main Seminar Hall.
  • Mr.A.Sai Akhil Selected for EDUISFUN
    Hearty Congratulations for Mr.A.Sai Akhil for his efforts and grabbed the best offer from EDUISFUN 11.04.2018 on Campus Recruitment with 2.4 LPA.
  • Internship in Intel by II B.Tech CSE Vishnu Priya
    Congratulations to II B.Tech CSE Ms.Vishnu Priya for being selected for INTERNSHIP at INTEL India in the area of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. She has been shortlisted after couple of rounds of tasks execution and interview. 
    we are proud of You.
  • Cash Prize in NCW by G.Pavani
    Our III CSE Ms.G.Pavani bagged the first prize with a Cash Award of Rs.2000/- in NCW competition. She outperformed all of the participants on the topic "Create Awareness on Legal Rights"
  • Placement in TOLLPLUS Pvt.Ltd.,
    Congratulations to Mr.SriHarsha and Ms.Supraja for being Placed in Off-Campus Drive at TOLLPLUS Pvt.Ltd.,
    Ms.T.N.V.D.C.BIDISHA, Ms.N.BHAVYA of IV CSE won I, II Prizes in National Level Aptitude Competition.
  • Internshala Internships
    Congratulations to Kota Lakshmi Priyanka of III CSE -A  for being selected for Internship  through INTERNSHALA.COM by Information Systems for VIDEOGRAPHY for 3 Months.