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Computer Science and Engineering [CSE]

PSCMRCET -Women Association of Computing (WAC)

A Seminar on "Career Guidance and Women Empowerment" by B.Rajya Lakshmi,Enterprise Software Architect,New Jersey,USA on 30-07-2019 in the Main Seminar Hall @ 10 AM.

The Information technology industry needs more women working in and leading the industry in order for technology innovations to truly reflect the society they serve. The PSCMRCET-WAC is deeply committed to supporting and engaging women in field of Computer Science and Engineering and provides support to women in this field.


In 2015, women held 57% of all professional occupations, yet they held only 25% of all computing occupations. Furthermore, even fewer women are found in software development, technology leadership, or the other kinds of key roles that have a significant influence on future innovation. Consider that 88% of all information technology patents (from 1980–2010) are invented by male-only invention teams while only 2% are invented by female-only invention teams. The role of women in the growing field of information technology is changing the face of the industry. Although women traditionally represent a smaller percentage of IT employees compared with their male counterparts. There is a substantial growth coming for women who are interested in entering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields as their preferred career path.

In order to address key barriers to women’s participation in technology and providing promising practices for addressing these barriers, our department has initiated a forum or association “PSCMRCET- Women Association of Computing (WAC). This has been initiated to enable more women of our department to reach top-tier positions in IT.

We provide our members the following programs and resources.

  • Women General Body Meeting (once every semester)
  • Community Outreach
  • Tech Talks
  • Corporate Networking
  • Career Planning
  • Mentorship
  • R&D initiatives

Association Body 2017-18

  • Dr. K.Sri Rama Krishna,Principal, PSCMRCET
  • Prof. A. Pathanjali Sastri,HOD, Department of CSE
  • Mrs. Ch. B.V.Durga, Asst.Professor
Faculty Members
  • Dr. G.Padmaja, Professor
  • Mrs.V.Navyasree,Assoc.Professor
  • Mrs.P.Silpa,Asst.Professor
Student Secretaries
  • D. Vishnu Priya – Final Year
  • P. Shree Kowsalya – Final Year
  • B. Vasavi Renuka - Third Year
  • A. Manasa - Third Year
Some of the events conducted by WAC: