CE Laboratories




Strength of Materials Laboratory

Universal Testing Machine
Simple Supporting Beam
Cantilever Beam
Spring Test
Rockwell Hardness
Torsion Test
Impact Apparatus
Compression Testing Machine
Continuous Beam


Water And Waste Water Laboratory

Turbidity Meter
Ph Meter
Conductivity Meter
Muffle Furnace
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Bod Incubator


Geotechnical Engineering

Direct Shear Apparatus
Grain Size Analysis Test
Field Density Apparatus
Casagrande’S Liquid Iimit Apparatus
Hot Air Oven
Triaxial Test
Vane Shear Test
Consolidation Test
Permeability Apparatus
Specific Gravity Test


Surveying Laboratory .

Ranging Rods
Cross Staff
Total Station
Dumpy Level
Prismatic Compass
Plain Tables


Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Los Angles Abrasion Test Machine
Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
Bitumen Ductility Test
Bitumen Penetration Test
Softening Point Test
Vibrating Machine
Aggregate Sieve’S


Concrete Technology Laboratory

Vicat’S Apparatus
Lachatlier Apparatus
Workability Test
Specific Gravity Bottle
Length And Elongation Gauges
Slump And Compaction Factor Setup