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Transportation Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Transportation Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Convenor

  • Establish college routes concentrating on student's service.

  • Set the time of starting of the buses from the originating points so as to ensure their arrival at college by 8-45 A.M. Also ensures compliance of drivers with these requirements.

  • Ensure to receive all phone calls from drivers any hour in day.

  • Supervise the daily bus operation and giving instructions to the bus in-charges.

  • Coordinate various bus routes regularly with the help of bus in-charges.

  • Handles transport related complaints from students, parents of students, staff, and drivers and resolves issues.

  • Review and arrange all transportation paperwork inclusive of driver logs, trip reports and invoices.

  • Support management team to supervise transportation personnel.

  • Ensure compliance to all security as well as operational procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities of faculty Members

  • Ensure implementation day-to-day activities of transportation.

  • Maintain and manage all databases relating to transportation activities.

  • Ensure compliance of safety standards in transportation functions.

  • Handle loading and unloading operations.

  • Periodically checking the documents of the buses.

  • In case of emergency and unexpected events Faculty member to inform management representative and or take any prudent action as the situation demands.

Roles and Responsibilities of Transport In-Charge

  • Receives requests/applications from students and staff for seats in college buses and allot routes on first ? cum-first served basis and issues bus passes.

  • Ensure maintenance of vehicles in good running condition.

  • Maintaining the documents.

  • Manage, supervise and monitor bus operations.

  • Inspect the condition of the buses and report for necessary action on a consistent basis.

  • Responsible for periodical maintenance of all the buses and in case of any major repair should report to the Principal immediately.