• Five days Hands on Training workshop on CMOS-MEMS Integrated Sensor Technology for Human Centered Applications in Healthcare, Safety and Environmental Sensing from JUNE 24 -28, 2024.

Vision / Mission/ Quality Policy/ Core Values


To make a significant contribution to the evolution of a highly advanced technological society with profound human values by nurturing students with unparalled expertise and a high sense of ethics.


To offer a high quality professional education and training blended with a high sense of discipline and ethics to shape the students into people who can play an effective role in the development of a knowledge society and thereby striving to bring the light into the lives around them with human outlook.

Quality Policy

Commited to the academic excellence in the field of Engineering, Technology and Management Studies to meet the expectations of the Parents, Industries and Society with continual improvement through dedicated teamwork.

Core Values

We value excellence, innovation, being genuine, diversity, respect for others, integrity, trusting, and being trustworthy. The following qualities define us

  • Respect: The members of our community value, respect and trust one another, as evidenced by what we say and, more importantly, by what we do. Our people are our greatest asset.

  • Honesty and Integrity: Our stakeholders expect us to act with integrity. They trust us and expect us to trust them. They rely upon us to seek excellence, be collegial and collaborative and be focused on achieving mutual success.

  • Commitment: Our peers and evaluators know that what we say and do is grounded and accurate and they are justified in expecting excellence from us. They also know that we innovate as we seek to continuously improve.

  • Freedom of thought and Expression: We employ and educate smart and creative people to do great things. We give them the resources to investigate, the freedom to experiment and the encouragement to excel.

  • Diversity: We believe that the answers to global challenges often lie among multiple disciplines. We commit to exploration that embraces diverse perspectives.