The vision of the PSCMRCET Library is to provide users seamless access to onsite and world-wide information services and to support the delivery of the information with a creative internal network of human and material resources.

  • Developing, organizing, and maintaining a collection that attempts to meet the needs of users.
  • Developing and strengthening working relationships with faculty, students, and staff.
  • Providing instruction that enables users to access and evaluate information resources.
  • Participating in or responding quickly and creatively to the development of relevant technologies and standards.
  • Encouraging and supporting the professional growth, individual growth, and job satisfaction of staff members.



Values & Goals:


The Engineering Library is dedicated to:



  • Recognize users as our primary focus.
  • Providing efficient and user-friendly access to library services and resources.
  • Inviting and responding to communication from our primary users.
  • Foster cooperation by sharing resources via local, national, and international networks.
  • Promote equity of access to information.
  • Valuing and developing library staff.



  • Optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of library services to our users.
  • Develop and effectively utilize two-way communication to inform and gather input from faculty as appropriate.
  • Provide instruction, online resources and facilities for our primary users.
  • Explore new technology and utilize as appropriate to provide user- friendly access or service and/or improve staff efficiency.
  • Develop, manage, and maintain the engineering collection -- both virtual and real.
  • Develop and maintain collection development policies that reflect the current research and instruction interests of our faculty and students and the current financial situation of the library.
  • Hire, develop and retain highly skilled staff.


  1. Comprehensive Coverage:Turnitin is extremely user-friendly software. It is designed keeping expectations of researchers and professors in mind; Regular feedback has been taken from academic leaders, and research heads and guides to develop the interface and functionality of this affordable solution.
  2. Content privacy Security:Most online free checkers do not ensure content privacy. Turnitin not only ensures content privacy but also does not require users to upload their document to their database. This is a huge plus, simply because, there is a risk involved with uploading confidential research onto databases that may be compromised. Since we understand the importance of original research, therefore, the portal is secured for SSL certificate and we guarantee the security and assure content not to be misused in our license agreement too.
  3. Realistic results:As content is added to World Wide Web regularly, the efficient real-time crawlers ensure wider coverage of the latest content and make Turnitin extremely accurate and up to date.
  4. Speedy:The robust technology infused in developing Turnitin makes it possible to check for the similarity of the uploaded document from content available in our database along with billions of pages in World Wide Web. Since timely results ensure higher productivity and morale boost for students and reduce workload on teachers and professors with a bulk check facility.
  5. Makes citing sources easy:With the provision of finding the actual source of similarity with Turnitin, it is helpful to cite the work properly and mentioning references accurately.
  6. Reliable Comprehensive reporting:The PDF report generated for the similarity check for the uploaded document is accurate, reliable and comprehensive. The generated reports are and submitted to and accepted by Shodganga (the national repository of UGC for Ph.D. thesis).
  7. Trusted by leading educational and research institute:We have an impressive list of users for Turnitin which includes but not limited to Universities, Health Institutes, Research Institutions, Management colleges, and Govt. Bodies. The list of academic institutions that use Turnitin is growing north,
  8. Affordable Solution:Since the market is dominated by service providers who charge an exceptionally high price for the provided services, we have always been focused on making our services available at affordable prices so that maximum number of institutions as well as researchers can be benefited. The pricing can be customized as per requirement in terms of authorized users and potential usage.


Articles / Thesis can be sending to the Department HOD’S or Chief Librarian -librarian@pscmr.ac.in