Electronics and Communication Engineering[ECE]


  • All the laboratories are well equipped to run the program specific curriculum.
  • Skilled technical supporting staff is recruited to support the students while doing experiments.
  • Adequate number of supporting staff are recruited to maintain the labs in a proper manner.

Lab Equipment Details

Laboratories: Maintenance and overall ambiance (Self-Explanatory)

Maintenance of Laboratory Equipments

  • All the identified damaged equipments are serviced regularly before the commencement of the semester
  • Qualified technical staff members are available for maintenance of hardware and software.
  • Stock register consists of purchase details of all the equipment of respective laboratories.
  • Regular check up of equipment is carried out at the end of every semester.
  • Breakdown register is maintained in the laboratories.
  • As per the requirement minor repairs are carried out by the lab assistant & faculty member.
  • Maintenance of computers is taken care by CSE Department.
  • Major repairs are outsourced by following the procedure of the institute.
  • Notice boards are maintained in the laboratories to display timetable and circulars.
  • Laboratory observations are maintained by the students in the manual prepared by the respective course coordinator.
  • Each lab is equipped with white/black board.

Overall Ambience

Department has adequate well equipped laboratories to meet the curriculum requirements.

  • All laboratories have sufficient natural light, good ventilation along with tubes and fans.
  • Abdul Kalam lab (Simulation Lab) is provided with air conditioner.
  • List of experiments as per the curriculum is displayed in every lab.
  • Laboratory manuals are prepared and are available in soft and hard copy.
  • All laboratories are well furnished.
  • Laboratories are kept open beyond working hours.
  • Labs are equipped with sufficient hardware to run program specific curriculum.
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