Master of Business Administration[MBA]

What started as a humble step, soon turned out to be an icon in the field of education. Thanks to the un-compromising vision and untiring efforts of the founders. The PSCMR Dept of management studies was launched in the year 2009, attracting a tremendous response from the students. The MBA course is the first post graduate course offered. Dept of management studies has made a mark of its own in the entire state by offering the best of management education.

Being student centered, the college leaves no stone unturned in shaping the future of students in a holistic environment. The college entrusts students with resources, responsibilities and hands on learning experience. Students are enthused to take vital decisions and innovative steps to launch themselves successfully on to the business arena.

Excellence in academics and career is achieved through effective governance and quality education. The college is a shining an example in both these critical aspects. The founders of the college have devised ‘faculty governance’ concept, to expose students to excellence early in their life. The best of management faculty in the state are absorbed by the college. Every member of the faculty plays a vital role in implementing diverse academic and non- academic activities. Students are provided the best of academics atmospheres to achieve excellence in the field of management studies.

PSCMR Department of Management Studies has been providing quality training in management skills since 2009. Students have undergone a rich, well-rounded curriculum of courses which has groomed them to be effective industry leaders. The courses are continuously updated to incorporate critical issues facing Indian industry today. Students learn the synergetic powers of teamwork through various case studies, seminars, workshops, games and role playing which exposes them to real-life challenges.

Faculty at PSCMR is deeply committed to inculcating professional values and relentless quest for excellence in student managers. The faculty consists of highly qualified individuals who are in constant touch with the changing global environment.

Distinctive Programmes :

PSCMR has a programmed focus on managing business in fast evolving environments, with strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce and managing the emerging markets of Asia. PSCMR tries hard to create contemporary programmes that blend western concepts into Asian context. We ensure that the content for our programmes is relevant and well timed, that it is international in its perceptive, and these delivered at world class standards. Every student is drafted into case analysis, group discussion, role and simulation exercises. They are encouraged to learn from all sources to tone up their skills and learning abilities. The college has devised programmes keeping in view the modern needs of students of business management and to optimize avenues, besides striking relevance to their everyday business chores. They are exposed to field activity and business projects.