Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC )

Assessment Procedure

  1. The IQAC Coordinator initiates the Academic every semester though the Principal.
  2. The Principal forms a team of internal auditors comprising of 2-3 senior faculty members in consultation with the IQAC Coordinator.
  3. The IQAC plans and schedules the internal audit in coordination with HoD of the concerned department.
  4. The audit team conducts the assessment, submits a report and presents its findings in an exit meeting that shall be attended by the IQAC, Principal, HOD, and faculty members of the departments.
  5. The IQAC shall submit an executive summary on the audit findingd to the Principal.
  6. The Department shall prepare and submit an implementation plan to IQAC based on the audit findings. The plan must include audit findings and the corrective actions to be taken, assignment of responsibility and a time frame for such actions.
  7. The IQAC shall follow up on the implementation plan to ensure departments are adhering to the implementation plan.
  8. The academic department shall inform the IQAC each time a corrective action is implemented.
  9. IQAC shall review the implementation plan once a semester to assess the progress of implementation.