Functions of ICT

While technology can play an important role in restructuring teaching and learning practices, teachers must take a leading role in designing appropriate learning environments that effectively incorporate technology to help their students learn well with technology. ICT Committee function the following activities in our college as follows:

  • The IT Infrastructure and ICT Committee of the College constituted to monitor the regular functioning of all IT Products such as Desktops/Laptops, Printers, Projectors, UPS, CCAMS, etc., working in Smoothly in all the Computer Laboratories, Seminar halls, Smart Class, Examination Cell, Library, Administrative Office and all the Departments of the Institution.

  • The Committee shall meet regularly to review the functioning and maintenance of the entire IT Infrastructure in the campus, allocation and utilization of resources, replacement of spares, maintenance of stocks and records at various Department/ Labs.

  • The Committee also reviews periodically to upgrade and improve and IT facilities in the campus for the benefit of faculty and students.

  • ICT Committee also Monitor and Maintenance of Network Infrastructure in the entire campus such as utilization of internet, working of network peripherals, etc.,

  • ICT Committee also regularly monitors the availability of college wifi to student/staff in the campus.

  • The Committee ensure that the college website is regularly updated, improved and well maintained.