Finance Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Finance Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Coordinator-Finance Committee

The Finance Committee present the money related implications and the review report to the Governing Body. It additionally acts as an advisory group, which would offer insightful proposals to the Governing Body to utilize the assets with tact. The committee ensures proper utilization of fund.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members-Finance Committee

Meetings: The Finance Committee will meet at least twice a semester

Meeting Schedule and Process of convening a meeting:
The Convenor is expected to issue a circular with the schedule and agenda one week in advance, with the consent of the Chairman. However, the Chairman reserves the right to conduct any emergency session under certain circumstances that can be deemed to be an emergency situation.
   If it is not possible for the Convenor to convene a meeting because of any academic or administrative reasons, one of the senior members of the committee can take up the responsibility of convening the meeting with the prior approval of the Chairman. Tentative schedule of the meetings during the academic year has to be drawn by the Convenor in consultation with the Chairman.