Electrical and Electronics Engineering [EEE]

Research & Development

Publications - Faculty

S.No Title Journal Name/Vol,Date Authors
1 Individual pitch control of wind turbine of variable speed by flicker mitigation with DFIG IJEMR in volume6 issue3 may-june 2016 Mrs.Sai pallavi
2 "Improved Performance of STATIC Compensator for Grid Connected WindSystem Using IRPTheory" IJCSM.IN, Volume-I, Issue-1.2015. Mr.NSaidaNaik
3 "Increasing the powersystems witchgear capacity by using superconducting faultcurrent limiter" Ijergs, volume-3, issue-6, Pageno.197-202,2015. Mr.V.Rajesh
4 "Sixphasetransformer" Proscience, volurne-5, issue-2, 2015. Mr.P.Manojkumar
5 "Single phase bidirectional pwmconverter form icrogrid with rectifier mode and invertermode" Ijsetr,volume-5,issue-7,Pageno.1335-1341,2016. Mr.B.Madhukiran
6 "Shooting methods for two-point boundary value problems of discrete controlsystems" Ijca,Volume-11l issue- 6, pageno.16-20, 2015. Mr.G.Kishorebabu
7 "Suboptimalcontrol of singularly perturbed multiparameter discrete controlsystem" (picc-2015) .Mr.G.Kishorebabu
8 "Control of real and apparent power in double circuit longtransmission line with meshed network using unified power flow controller" (iceepe-2016) Mr.Y.Rajendrababu
9 Mitigation of voltage sag and swell for power quality improvement using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) ” IJAREEIE,2018 V.PRAVEEN
10 POWER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT USING CASCADED H-BRIDGE MULTILEVEL INVERTER WITH D-STATCOM” ISSN 2349-7815 International Journal of Recent Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJRREEE) Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp: (4-10), Month: April - June 2018, V.PRAVEEN
11 Asymmetric Cascaded Half Bridge Multi Level Inverter with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056 Volume: 05 Issue: 07 | July 2018, p-ISSN: 2395-007 V.PRAVEEN
12 Increasing the power system switch gear capacity by using superconducting fault current limiter IJERGS vol.3 ,issue 6 -2015 V.RAJESH
13 Control Strategy Of Hybrid System By Using Kalman Filter In IJOER, Vol 3, Issue.4,2015 K.NARENDRA
14 Control Strategy Of Hybrid System By Using Kalman Filter International Journal Of Engineering Research-Online Vol.3., Issue.4., Aug-2015 P.MANOJ KUMAR
15 Six Phase Transformer Advances In Engineering Applications Vol.5 (2015)7-12 Journal Home Page: Www.Proscience-Journals.Com P.MANOJ KUMAR
16 Incorporate Of FB-Mmcs Converter Topologies For Hybrid PV/FC Based EV Applications ICSGT-2015, Amrita University, Coimbatore, August 6th-8th 2015 K.LAKSHMI GANESH
17 Improvement Of Power Quality Using Advanced Series Active Power Filters IJMTER-ISSN 2349-9745,Vol.02,Issue 07, July 2015. V.PRAVEEN
19 Reduction of Switches in Multilevel Inverter is fed Induction Motor Drive Applications ICCET-2017 P.MANOJ KUMAR
20 Individual Pitch Control of Wind Turbine of Variable Speed by Flicker Mitigation with DFIG Volume-6, Issue-3, May-June 2016 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Page Number: 117-122 SAI PALLAVI.A
21 solar powered hybrid boat" IJCSM., VOL.2 ,ISSUE3 B.MADHU KIRAN
22 Reduction of harmonics in Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter Fed by Induction Motor IJSETR,vol.05 ,issue 07 B.MADHU KIRAN
23 Fuzzy controlled Dynamic Voltage Regulator for Power Quality Improvement IJEPPE-ISSN 23-32, Vol-1, Issue-1, Nov 2016. V.PRAVEEN
24 Z-Source inverter controlled Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement IJMTER- ISSN-2393-8161, Vol 03, Issue 12, Dec 2016. V.PRAVEEN
25 Modeling And Design Of Series Voltage For Grid Tie Solarinverter Using Hybrid Fuzzy Technique IJCSM Volume-3, Issue-1, 2017 V.RAJESH
26 Improved Torque Response With Reduced Harmonic Distortion Using Multi Level Inverter Fed To Induction Motor Drive Volume-3, Issue-1,30-35. V.MATTHEW
27 ----"A Novel Discrete Wavelet Transform Relaying Scheme for Busbar Protection SCOPUS INDEXED International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Volume 114 No. 11 2017, 27-37 MUSTHAK AHMED SHAIK
28 Wireless Power Transfer IJEMR Volume-7, Issue-2 of March-April 2017. SAI PALLAVI.A
29 photo voltaic basced HERIC AND H6 Transformer less inverter fed induction motor IJARBEST,VOL 3,ISSUE 30 B.MADHU KIRAN
30 Reduction of voltage disturbances in distribution system using neural controller IJIERE Vol 04, Issue 9, 2017. V.PRAVEEN
31 Implementation Of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter With Equal DC Voltage Source IJAREEIE Vol 07, Issue1, 2018 V.PRAVEEN

Projects - Students

Batch No Roll number Name of the Student Name of the Faculty Project Title
18` 16KT5A0202 CH PAVANI L SRUJANA MPPT technique for photovoltaic system by combining INC and PSO control strategies
17 15KT1A0205 A SRINIVAS RAO V RAJESH Power system stabilty analysis under increasing penetration of pv power plant with spc using double derivative
16 15KT1A0254 U VINAY KUMAR N SAIDA NAIK Analysis of grid connected fuel cell generation and enhancement of power quality using shunt active power filter
15 15KT1A0253 T PRIYANKA P MANOJ KUMAR Power quality improvement in hybrid AC/DC nano grids using shunt active power filter
14 15KT1A0226 K RESHMA Dr.V.PRAVEEN A fuzzy based DVR with parallel connected diode clamped modular multi level converter
13 15KT1A0201 A SAI DIVYA R RAJESH Mitigation of voltage mil matches using pso based buck and boost converter for grid connected pv inverter
12 15KT1A0247 S MANJARI P MANOJ KUMAR Single phase to three phase unified power quality conditioner to perform series paralle active power line compensation
11 15KT1A0214 D ASHOK SK MUSTHAK AHMED UPFC based protection scheme for transmission lines in smart grid
10 16KT5A0207 M V THRINADH V MATTHEW Improve the stability of the segmented traction drive by reducing the harmonics with controllers
9 16KT5A0203 CH RAJESH Dr.V.PRAVEEN Super conducting magnetic energy storage based DVR using fuzzy-logic controller
8 15KT1A0217 G SRAVANTHI SK.MUSTHAK AHMED A hybrid classified for power quality problems using wavelets packet transform and adaptive neuro fuzzy interfernce system
7 15KT1A0230 M TEJASWI K NARENDRA MCHBI based HAPF schemes for smart house applications
6 16KT5A0208 P NAGA CHINNA V RAJESH Enhancement of AC drive performance by using DCMLI-Hybrid-Series active filters
5 15KT1A0237 P SRAVANI LAKSHMI SAI PALLAVI.A Comparision of active disturbance rejection control and neuro fuzzy for multi interconnected power system
4 15KT1A0225 K NAVYA Dr.Y.Rajendra Babu Multi fun6ctional grid connected inverter for renewable energy sources at distribution level
3 15KT1A0232 P V PRASANNA K.L.Ganesh A Novel hybrid intelligent controllers based IUPQC for enhanced power quality features
2 16KT5A0210 S SATYA SAI SARMA K.L.GANESH Performance evaluation of novel grid-tied 21-level asymmetrical MLI topology using advanced PWM methodologies
1 15KT1A0223 K.JAYA SRI K.NARENDRA Comparisions of high-voltage gain DC-DC converter for electric vehical applications
1 14KT1A0216 14KT1A0218 14KT1A0213 14KT1A0229 14KT1A0230 VENKATA RADHIKA G. LAKSHMI VASAVI MANOJ KUMAR KOTHA MADHUKAR KUCHIPUDI ARUN KUMAR B.Madhu Kiran Symmetrical and asymmetrical multi level inverters with reduced switch count for PMSM drive
2 14KT1A0234 14KT1A0205 15KT5A0211 15KT5A0214 14KT1A0236 NAGIDI NAVEENA BANDARU NAGARAJU SANTHOSH KUMAR SHAIK ASIF N. HAMSA MALIKA L.Srujana Strategic control for dynamic load sharing among DC-DC converter for maintenance of constant voltage profile
3 14KT1A0235 14KT1A0204 14KT1A0252 15KT5A0210 15KT5A0202 NASMA BAIG B. APARNA LAKSHMI VELPULA SRILATHA MIRIYALA UDAY KUMAR BANDI MANOJ KUMAR Y.Rajendra Babu Power quality improvement using intelligent control based distributed generation inverter
4 14KT1A0206 14KT1A0201 14KT1A0203 14KT1A0208 14KT1A0242 KRISHNA VENI NAGA MANI DEEPIKA B. NARENDRA KUMAR B. KRANTHI P. SUBHAN KHAN K.Narendra ANFIS controller based induction generator to generate more electric power in air crafts
5 14KT1A0223 14KT1A0255 15KT5A0204 15KT5A0217 14KT1A0247 KOLLURU ROOPASRI DIVYA TEJASWINI B. SAI VENKAT V. TATA RAO S. LEELAKANTH A.Sai Pallavi Neuro-fuzzy based load frequency control in three area power network
6 14KT1A0233 14KT1A0224 14KT1A0207 14KT1A0215 14KT1A0241 MANUKONDA VIDHYA K. OMKARINI BEVARA GIRISH DHANASIRI NAGENDRA P. DURGA SAI P.Manoj Kumar ANN control of DC grid based wind power generation system in a micro-grid
7 14KT1A0227 14KT1A0225 14KT1A0221 15KT5A0201 15KT5A0203 KOTA JYOTSNA KOMMU VASU KADIYAM MOUNIKA A DURGA THARUN BATTU PRADEEP KUMAR B.Madhu Kiran A DC-DC boost converter fed induction motor through diode clamped multilevel inverter for renewable energy applications
8 14KT1A0245 14KT1A0217 14KT1A0202 15KT5A0208 14KT1A0239 RYALI LIKHITHA MANI KRISHNA A. LAKSHMI PRASANNA K. PRAVEEN KUMAR PALLEDA CHAITANYA R.Rajesh Design and analysis of Z Source inductor based circuit breaker for DC applications
9 14KT1A0231 14KT1A0253 14KT1A0251 15KT5A0216 14KT1A0228 KUPPILI HEMALATHA V. LAKSHMI DURGA SUDHAKAR NISHANAM V. VARAHALABABU KOTA RAVI TEJA V.Praveen Wavelet based zero-active power tracking technique for enhancement of DVR capability
10 14KT1A0210 15KT5A0205 15KT5A0212 14KT1A0244 14KT1A0243 BOBBILI SONIA DARLA SATHYANATH NARNI BALA LAKSHMI P.VERI RAM VASANTH PILLI MANASVI Lakshmi Ganesh A single phase newly proposing 85 level asymmetric multi-cell cascaded multilevel inverter with reduced number of switches
11 14KT1A0240 15KT5A0215 14KT1A0212 15KT5A0207 15KT5A0209 PAMARTHI BALA SHAIK SHAMSHAD CHETAN CHAND KARANAM JASWANTH L. VARA PRASAD V.Matthew Intelligent hybrid fuzzy controller based zeta converter for BLDC motor drive water pumping system fed from PV
12 14KT1A0211 14KT1A0220 14KT1A0219 14KT1A0250 14KT1A0222 CHENNUBOINA MALATHI RAGHAVENDRA SAI GOLI PARVATHI SILIVERU DIVYA SAI KATTA SAI GANESH Sk.Musthak Ahmed A novel discrete wavelet based protective relaying scheme for three phase induction motor
13 14KT1A0232 14KT1A0238 14KT1A0226 15KT5A0206 14KT1A0249 MANDAPATI SIRISHA PALLANTI SOUNDARYA K. SRIKANTH GOPI CHAND KANAKALA RAJESH S. MAHABOOB SUBHANI V.Rajesh Hybrid damping controller for UPFC to enhance power quality in multi-machine system