Hobbies help you to become a more well-rounded person, and eventually, they often turn into helpful life skills, long-term passions, and even careers. If you're interested in diving into a new pastime, this list of hobbies should make your life a little bit easier. Try the ones that look interesting, and then move on if you're not feeling it.

  • Engaging in a hobby leads to acquiring substantial skills, knowledge and experience.
  • The objective of the Hobby Clubs is to inspire students to pursue a hobby and explore their potential in areas like dance, music, theatre, photography, painting, gardening, etc.
  • The committee shall work towards encouraging student participation in recreational activities, thus providing an opportunity for networking, team-building and personality development.
  • The following are the scopes that the committee aims to accomplish in every academic year:
  • Initiate activities such as Music, Dance, and Dramatics, Photography, Painting etc.
  • Conducting training programs for Dance, Drama and Music
  • Arranging exhibitions for displaying creativity in Painting, Photography etc.
  • Conducting competitions at intra and inter-collegiate levels.
  • Inviting experts to guide students in pursuing hobbies.
  • Promoting students for other state and national level competitions to represent Acropolis.
  • Conducting workshops or training sessions.
  • Arranging outdoor tours.

    We at PSCMR, have introduced the Hobbies club in the year 2018 to improve the skills and identifying the hidden talents of the students. Likewise, (Treckking, Singing, Dancing, Photography, Sports) are identified and the same are being put practice during the recent past. Initially the body is formed with the following members