Anti Ragging Committee

Since the inception of the College, We strictly follow the Anti-Ragging guidelines issued by the AICTE and JNTUK Kakinada

  • To oversee the anti-ragging measures being adopted in the campus and to advise on changes, if any, so as to make the measures effective to prevent ragging of the students, especially fresher?s.
  • To take report from the anti-ragging squads and to monitor their effectiveness.
  • To take action on the ragging complaints from the anti-ragging squads, students, their parents, guardians and employees.
  • To educate the senior students of the Campus on the need to be vigilant, and not to indulge in any act of ragging, and to monitor the activities of the potential trouble-makers.
  • To Enquire into any incident of ragging and to suggest punishments, if any, and also if the FIR with the police is to be lodged.
  • To apprise the director of any other action, including the filling of FIR with the police, on the incidents of ragging.
  • To provide counseling to fresher?s and other students about the ragging, and anti-ragging measured being adopted by the Institute.
  • To design and get printed leaflets/posters that the ragging is banned and that strict disciplinary and other penal actions under the law of the land and the regulations of Institute will be taken against those found indulging in the act of ragging.
  • To provide the detailed definition of ragging.
  • To monitor and to take preventive measures stop ragging of the students in the campus of the Institute on roads, corners, clubs, Institute canteens, Caf?, pavements etc. but outside the premises of depts./ Centers.
  • To help the fresher?s learn about the campus and to educate about the campus life, culture and general behavior expected in the class rooms, Labs and with the students, teachers, and general public.
  • To report to the Anti-Ragging Committee any sort of small or serious act of ragging which comes to their knowledge and to deal directly with other cases of ragging.
  • To create a sense of confidence in fresher?s and an environment of deterrence for ragging for senior students.
  • To assist the Institute Anti-Ragging Committee to faithfully implement the orders of the Honorable Supreme Court and to create an environment of compassion, sympathy and cooperation from the senior students to their juniors/fresher?s.
  • The committee will report in respect of each case to the Committee.
  • The Anti Ragging Committee consists of the following criteria:
  • Chairman: Dr.J.Lakshmi Narayana, Principal
  • Convener: Dr Y.Rajendra Babu, Professor & HoD of EEE
  • In Charges:All Heads of the Departments
  • Coordinators: Senior Faculty members from each department